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'listen to this highly enjoyable release from Donna Singer and The Doug Richards Trio straight forward, no complications, and melodic, fun, enjoyable jazz.  Singer has an incredible voice.  I often found myself just listening to, and enjoying the music rather than writing the review.  I'd say that is a sign of something good. 

~Paul Wilson, Audiophile

"DONNA SINGER/Destiny, Moment of Jazz: Singer and co-hort Doug Richards are at it again...we really love what she’s doing here...sets Singer apart from most other oldies jazz divas. Don’t call yourself a jazz vocal fan if you don’t dig this. Hot stuff. here." 

~Chris Spector, MIDWEST RECORD

"Singer offers the listener a varied program with old style flair.  Her vocal style employs ample vibrato reminiscent of the 40’s, with updated material underpinning the proceedings, an enjoyable listen that employs the walk down memory lane feeling.

Icrom Bigrad, Jazz Sensibilities

#20 CMJ Charts


  "Donna Singer is a first call vocalist...with an effervescent spirit and impeccable phrasing there is certainly no lack of talent."
​~ Brent Black, @Critical Jazz

"The idea of quitting for a day (or more) is most appealing, under any circumstance - but as I groove to Donna's vocals on her totally hip rendition of "The More I See You", accompanied by pianist Billy Alfred & bassist Doug Richards, the temptation is ever stronger to take that holiday (like, forever, folks... lol). I give Donna & Doug a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, particularly for listeners who have gotta' have a toke of cool vocals each day.  "EQ" (energy quotient) rating is 4.97."
​~Improvijazzation Nation Magazine

Straight No Chase - A Jazz Show
This year's singer is Donna Singer​ backed by the Doug  Richards Trio from her Kiss Me Beneath the Mistletoe CD.


#23 CMJ Charts


"Easy going stuff made to look deceptively simple, Singer is a smart singer that knows how to move and groove with swing and verve delivering a Christmas record that really sounds like nothing you've heard before.  There seems to be a wave of different and creative Christmas records in the pipeline this year but this set is running at the head of the pack.  A good bet for the holidays."

~Chris Spector, Midwest Record ​​

 "A nice mix of originals and holiday favorites couples with a more soulful presentation than most artists have the chops to deliver allows "Kiss Me Beneath The Mistletoe" to take flight as a solid Christmas release for most anyone in the market for new music this season. A sure fire winner!" 

~Brent Black, @Critical Jazz 


 "If you are looking for a holiday treat that will warm your guests and lift your spirits for the season, do not miss the opportunity to add Kiss Me Beneath the Mistletoe to your holiday collection.  Certainly a kiss worth having." ~Constance Tucker, All About Vocals 

#25 CMJ Charts


"I reviewed Donna’s fine jazz vocal work back in issue # 141; enjoyed it greatly, and her high-energy is even more upscale on this album! She’s backed by the Doug Richards trio, & that adds a “real jazz” dimension to her zesty performances.  It takes a bit of suave to get me enthused about vocalists, probably just because there are so many of them on the scene today.  As you groove along with her to “Sweet Destiny“, though, you’ll realize this IS the kinda’ jazz your pops used to listen to… very comfortable & swingin’!  Her rendition of “Yesterday” is uniquely hers… she’ll easily wrap you into her svelte voice & bring back all kinds of memories.  My personal favorite of the nine tunes offered up for your groove is “Time After Time“… I totally dug this one.  I give Donna & crew a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98."
~Improvijazzation Nation Magazine 

#21 NACC Charts


DONNA SINGER/Feeling the Jazz: Ah, when subtle and grace collide...Singer tears it up one more time with accomplice Doug Richards and his gang for a set that doesn't need frills when it dazzles without really trying. Firmly in the classic jazz club mode, with a set card that echoes same, Singer is a jazz vocal gift to the jazz vocal fans. This set is sure to take you back, even if you weren't there the first time. Thrilling stuff that wrote the book on hitting all the right notes.
"It's got so much heart and passion that it's unstoppable.  Not just for grandpa, anyone who digs some real playing at the kind of smoky joints that no longer exist will have a great time with this romp."  

"Singer keeps it upbeat where others like to slow it down and she lets you know how they feel. Singer apparently feels happy and good for her!...This is one of those more fun takes we've heard on jazz oldies in quite some time. Well done." ​

~Chris Spector, Midwest Record

​​​...can't think of a better album title to describe this upbeat and happy-go-lucky jazz album by vocalist Donna Singer. Ms. Singer has one of those bright and breezy voices, nimble enough to glide over the music yet subtle enough to carry the emotional heft of the lyrics. I thought there was a touch of Lena Horne's vocal style too, not a bad thing, I reckon. ~John M. Peters, The Borderland UK


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​​​"A coalescence of smooth jazz, gospel and sonic bliss, Kiss Me Beneath the Mistletoe is a lovely addition to the Holiday Songbook...Kiss Me Beneath the Mistletoe generates a feel good atmosphere with melodic and harmonic forms that bond the songs to Singer's vocals. A world renowned vocalist, Donna Singer has a voice that invites the listener to the party."   

~Susan Frances, Yahoo!


​"Take The Day Off: An amazing Harlem performance by Donna & Doug...Donna Singer, aptly named, sang her heart out while Billy worked his magic on the keys and Doug and Mike kept up a jazzy groove. The performers are clearly professionals with a lot of experience and love for what they do. Their stage presence and musical consistency made the show a pleasant experience that jazz lovers shouldn't miss.

​~Nicholas Gaunthier, Examiner.com​ 




"Donna Singer is a jazz singer that was raised in New York’s Catskill Mountains with a family of jazz enthusiasts; hearing the likes of Thelonius Monk, Dinah Washington and other great jazz artists. It was not long before Singer was doing just that, singing and performing jazz. Singer also has a touch of gospel that is always infused in her singing style. She graduated from The New York Academy of Theatrical Arts with formal training at Julliard School.

​Singer has been releasing CDs regularly with longtime collaborator Doug Richards. Take the Day Off: Escape With Jazz and Jazz In The Living Room are two excellent CDs that represent the vocal integrity of Singer, with the musical creativeness from Richards. Singer is very apt at interpreting the standards and on her latest release, Destiny, Moment of Jazz, she again keeps the majority of the material standards with a few well-placed originals, “This Moment of Now” (Carole Belle, Roy Singer) and “Sweet Destiny” (Carole Belle, Roy Singer).

​Singer’s delivery of the melody of “Our Love Is Here To Stay” is full of interesting phrasing and her melodic ornamentation of various key notes is consistent. Her time is clear and her pitch is focused; vibrato is used liberally, but never to the point of distraction. The group is always supportive, especially pianist Billy Alfred, he leads Singer at the right moments and places plush supporting chords on the right melody notes.

​The Doug Richards Trio is featured on “I’ll Remember April” with singer stepping aside and letting the trio do an instrumental for the halfway mark on the CD; a nice texture change. The trio obviously has played together for many years, Richards driving electric bass is full and swingingly locked with Cervone’s drum kit. The trio has an unexpected, yet nice surprise during the trading of fours section after the solos, Cervone’s last measure of the grouping of four’s having one less beat, which gives a nice flow variance.

​“What A difference A Day Made” is started with a gospel inspired intro between Singer and Alfred. Singer most certainly can lift the spirit up and have the blessings come down. The tune finally settles into a medium swing for the remainder of the melody. Resisting the temptation to lavish the music up with too many changes, Singer has continued to invest wisely in great musicians, tasty arrangements and well sung melodies. As the saying goes: if it ain't broke and it ain't broke, don't fix it. Destiny, Moment of Jazz is an enjoyable moment of jazz and whether the songs are swingers or heartstring pullers, Singer has the control and conviction to get the best out of them, focusing on vibrant musical arrangements a no-nonsense delivery of the melodies." 

"Destiny, Moment of Jazz is a fine outing by jazz vocalist Donna Singer with longtime collaborator bassist Doug Richards. Destiny, Moment of Jazz, is a collection of seven standards (one of which is just the Doug Richards trio instrumentally -“I’ll Remember April”) and two originals by Carole Belle and Roy Singer- “This Moment of Now” and “Sweet Destiny.” Singer has a varied program of styles and there is certainly something for every musical taste.  “This Moment of Now,” “Our Love Is Here To Stay,” and “Where or When” are medium tempo swinging toe tapers,  as well as “What A difference A Day Made” that has a rubato gospel intro that develops into relaxed swing.  “Sweet Destiny” and “Time After Time” are given a Latin treatment and “Yesterday” and “I Believe I Can Fly” are straight eight gospel/pop infused selections.​​​ 


Kiss Me Beneath The Mistletoe

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starring Donna Singer and Joe Williams

The Doug Richards Trio

Doug Richard, Bass

Billy Alfred, Piano

Mike Cervone, Drums

Luis Camacho Trumpet/Vocals